Have you always wanted to make art or start a daily creative practice, but you could use an encouraging nudge + some guidance to get started?


Then this is for you, my friend!

START MAKING!: A FREE 4-day creative mini course


Here's what's included:

  • Four daily emails
  • Four videos (of me being, like, reaaaally weird)
  • Four interactive PDFs with info like recommended art tools, daily prompts, creative resource roundups, and more!

Who are you + what the heck do you know about making?

Great question! My name's Amanda Sandlin, and I am a self-taught freelance graphic designer + illustrator. Most of my clients are online businesses and entrepreneurs. 

That's my day job.

My creative passion is drawing, painting, AND making things to help people.. make things.

In January 2015 I was a full-time graphic designer—skills I learned entirely on-the-job—when I realized I didn't know my own creative voice because everything I made was for my boss.

So I came up with this idea to make one 'thing' a day for the whole year. I called it #theyearofmaking.

I spent the year artistically scatterbrained, experimenting with all kinds of art—graphic design and illustration, digital photo collaging, stop-motion photography,  vlogging, sewing, and eventually I found a combination of crafts that stuck with me: drawing + painting.

Here are a few of my core beliefs and values:

  1. Every human can be creative in their own way.
  2. You don't need to go to art school to be an artist.
  3. A creative life is a happy life.

What else do I get when I sign up?

You'll be on the list to receive my weekly-ish creative notes, where I write about all the good stuff that comes when you choose to start making stuff—procrastination, finding inspiration, fear, social media, daily rituals, pep talks, and more.

You'll get fun free stuff like checklists, print-ables, and videos that only the list can access.

You'll also be the first to know (and get access to the discounted pre-sale offer) when my first full course launches early enrollment on January 20th.

Got Qs or just want to say hi? DO IT! Email me directly at amanda@amandasandlin.com.