At the beginning of summer I took a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was my first time back on the road by myself in six months, and as soon as I saw those desert pinks and greens, and sensed the land's expansiveness and clouds painting the blue canvas above, this collection began to form in my head.

The title of this collection is INSPIRIT, which means to instill life or courage into. Truth is, I was nervous to get back on the road after many months stationery. My last experience ended less than spectacularly, with depression and anxiety tightening their hold, and I was hesitant I would slip back into that constricted place.

But I didn't. I took to the road, and the road took me in, graciously. I felt energy and inspiration spill into all the spaces I’d created while being firmly rooted at home. It seemed natural; I felt free. And I wanted to make art.

I was quickly reminded of who I am, how strong I can be, and what makes me come alive more than anything — independence; the open road; and finding creative inspiration through movement and wild places.

The INSPIRIT Collection is a product of remembering all I am capable of, finding courage again, and feeling alive. My deepest hope is that these works can bring all of this uplifting energy into your home and remind that you, too, deserve to feel inspirited, alive, and free.





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