Start A Creative Habit That STicks.

But I know this: You CAN lead a vibrant, lush artistic life, surrounded by all you soulfully create. Step into what's real. Make your life more than just sleep-work-consume (repeat).

It's time to stop the infinite envy-scroll through Pinterest + Instagram. Ready for the highlight of your day to be more than the newest episode of Scandal + a bottle of wine? Consuming is easy. Making is hard. 

Make a painting. Make a podcast. Make a rough draft. Make anything. Make your mark.

Early enrollment opens January 20th.

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Hey, What's this about?

Well I actually have few questions for YOU...

Do you spend hours browsing through other people's amazing creations on Instagram and Etsy and say to yourself, "Man, I wish I could make something like that."

(You can, and you will!)

Inspired to make art, but feel lost because you haven't picked up a paint brush (or colored pencil, mound of clay, knitting needles..) since you were a kid, or maybe never?

We'll do it together!

Are you intimidated to share your work, maybe because you haven't gone to art school?

I totally get that. But your artwork is special and valuable—with or without art education.

Are you constantly inspired, but as soon as you sit down to make something your mind goes completely BLANK?

I've been there, and we're gonna work right through that blank page. Ready?

YES!!! You're ready. This is your LIFE—if ya wanna make, MAKE! Put your email in the box above. I'll email ya when I open early enrollment on January 20th.