Ready for a less-complicated (+ hugely less boring) way to break into entrepreneurship?

I believe life, and business, are one big experiment. You begin with a theory. You test that theory. You make adjustments, and re-assess. You study how you feel. You keep trying new things until you discover that really lovely place where passion + purpose + happiness + money… meet.

This book is my story — how I went from being a bored employee to an independent entrepreneur, illustrated step-by-step. Use my experience as your guide and start taking little, do-able and totally FUN actions to get to where you want to be. The price: Pay what you can.*

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what's inside: 60 pages of illustrated, helpful fun, with action steps at the end of each chapter to keep you moving.


"Best thing I've bought in ages."
- Sophie Williams

Just two years ago I would wake up every day and pull on on a pair of stockings and sit in rush hour. Now, I wake up without an alarm clock and choose what I really want to do. And wear.

It all started not with a big idea, but a little curiosity. Entrepreneurship — now that sounded interesting and exciting!

But then I waited, and watched, and wanted. I was waiting for my BIG idea. Watching everyone else go on and start their own things without me. Wanting to feel free.

Everyone said I needed to wait. Until I got the one great idea. Until I was able to communicate my BIG why. Until I could narrow my ideal customer down to a specific person, with a name, job, hair color, and favorite TV show.

Well that’s a little dramatic, don’t ya think?

Chew on this instead.

"I'm reading this and I'm thinking, it's actually
really pretty good." - My mom