Brand Identity Portfolio

by Amanda Sandlin for See/Saw

Project 1: Alexa Mazzarello Creative | Logo, Branding

Alexa is a Vancouver-based photographer, content creator, innovator, and self-starter. She is also the founder of BodyThoughts. Alexa and I worked together in April 2015 (one of my first freelance projects) on her logo and brand identity.


Project 2: The Neon Life Society | Logo, Branding, Website

The Neon Life Society is an organization founded by Siobhan Barnes that aims to support women to pursue a meaningful career and life they love. Siobhan and I worked together on her logo, brand identity, and website.


Project 3: Pawsitive Mobility | Logo, Branding

Pawsitive Mobility is a mobile vet clinic based in San Francisco, CA. Veterinarian Dana Whitlock and I worked together to create a simple logo with lots of whimsy, personality, and playfulness.


Project 4: Sun To Table | Logo

I loved creating this illustration-based logo for Marina's blog, Sun To Table. I've also added a few variations we went through below before settling on the final logo.


Project 5: Delta Wright Interiors | Logo, Branding, Website

I worked with Delta Wright on her logo, brand identity, and website last year. She desired a minimal and modern brand with a bit of punch, and she was very inspired by the asymmetric architecture of Copenhagen.


Project 6: Rowdy Kittens | Logo

Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens wanted a simple, playful, sweet logo for her website and blog. We played with some variations of cats prancing or with party hats on, but ultimately she craved something minimal and clean. And so the official logo was born!


And finally...

Thank you very much for your consideration, Brooke! To close I would like to say that I am an honest, reliable worker, and I enjoy nothing more than collaborating creatively with others.

I recognize that I am still a bit green, but I have an eye for fresh, modern design, and I know things will only go up from here. I would be truly excited for the opportunity to work with you. 

Best of luck with everything, and I hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,