Hello there! I'm Amanda.

I am a freelance artist and graphic designer currently living in Denver, Colorado.

My philosophy on art and life is: See the world. Create endlessly. Stay wild.

I believe his existence is one big experiment, and my purpose is to experience it fully and encourage others to do the same.


my journey

1989 - 2003

  • Started being homeschooled after 1st grade + lived on cruise ships
  • Set foot on every continent before age 11
  • Developed a spirit of adventure, imagination, and fearlessness (thanks, mom!)

2003 - 2012

  • Stepped back into reality (public high school, college, day job) 
  • Got sucked into the white-picket fence/American dream for a hot second

2012 - 2014

  • Came to a crossroads — continue on this path, or follow my gut?
  • Chose the latter
  • Sold everything, packed up car, moved from NJ to SF

2014 - 2015

  • Quit my job + began freelancing full-time
  • Spent a year in New Zealand
  • Began experimenting with abstract art + illustration

2015 - now

  • Still living the dream freelancing, making art, and creating my own products
  • Lived out of my van, Penny, while traveling around North America
  • Now hunkering down in Denver until the next...

about the work

Being self-taught and having no visual art background, I've found much of my inspiration from life experiences — being in constant motion while growing up and spending many days in the wild as an adult.

I have created a small and growing collection of works I call At Wild Woman. These are female figures drawn in detailed line work over an abstract background, which is often inspired by the wild places I love. I aim to capture the feeling of standing on the side of a mountain, by a moody sea, in the open desert, or in any other natural environment.

At Wild Woman portraits began as a illustration project where I digitally laid drawings over photographs. They’ve morphed into abstract works. I enjoy the freedom of expressing the feeling of landscapes, rather than a literal depiction. I am pulled to the female form because I like to think every woman I draw is in some way me, or a future me — strong, independent, resourceful, in-the-moment, brave — and hope other women viewing will see themselves in the works as well.

Are you an entrepreneur or business?

I am currently open for branding/logo + illustration projects. 
Want to jam with me on your ideas? Go here.

Are you an aspiring #atwildwoman?

Spoiler alert: You already are one. Time to tap into that.

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